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Please click on this link and watch the great video of our crew member Bianca crossing the Southern Indian Ocean with Pachamama
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2011-11-06_ttt-maurtius_clean-up_pouce (10).jpgTOPtoTOP Mauritius did a great clean up on the 6th of November 2011

Read more about the great event of TOPtoTOP Mauritius:

Members of ToptoTop Mauritius did a cleanup of the Mountain Le Pouce, Mauritius, today 6tth November 2011.
In line with our objective of bringing youngsters together in a sport activity whilst doing a concrete effort to protect our planet, we were 8 committed persons climbing the Pouce today, armed with bags to collect the plastic from the Mountain.
We met at 7h30 at Champ de Mars, Port Louis, and started walking at 8h30 through the Dauguet trail. It was a delightful walk for we discovered abandoned plantations of palm trees and mango trees, as well as luxuriant vegetation. The sunlight streaming through the tall trees and the carpet of dry leaves crunching under our feet lent an almost magical touch to the moment. We had a very nice lunch in this beautiful setting.
We also made new friends, as we came across Jeremie and Michael and their dogs, strolling in the forest and who helped us stay on the right trail. We shared a few biscuits together before attacking the Main Course, i.e. Le Pouce itself. We had already walked for some 3 hours by then. It took us 2 more hours to do the steep ascent of the mountain, but it was worth every step we took upwards. The view is magnificent and we were all struck by the beauty of Mauritius, most of us seeing our country from this viewpoint for the first time. The air was pure and we even drank cool water from a nearby spring.
However it is very sad to note that plastic and paper litter was a constant reminder of the human touch along the way and on the top of the mountain. We were shocked by such an amazing quantity of litter left over by visitors. How could one visit such an enchanting site and be so regardless about it?
We collected plastic and non plastic waste from the top of the mountain and on our way down to Port Louis. It seems that when we embark on a ToptoTop initiative, friends pop up everywhere – we even met friends at the top: Wolfgang and Sabine, a couple of tourists offered to help and collected two bags of litter for us on their way down.
We came down with at total of 9 bags filled with plastic litter, and we were trying to take as much as we could. There is still so much more left there. If anybody who is reading this article plans to visit the mountain, please try clean up when you come down. Or even from any other site you are visiting. Such remote places are not cleaned up regularly and the waste deposited there increases with every visitor. Every small action counts and you can help by removing plastic from our environment. Help us keep our country clean.
On our way down, we met a Mauritian family with whom we discussed and they offered to collect another bag of litter during their walk on the Dauguet trail. Again, unexpected help!
It was an amazing, empowering moment for all of us. We challenged ourselves physically and gave our best for our first activity. We shall soon be indulging in other cleanup activities and look forward to the support of friends! Wherever you are, you can help keep the planet clean, by not throwing litter around, or just get together with some friends and do a small clean up. It’s fun and makes a difference.
Gadi, Karine, Tessa, Tatiana, Axel, Michael, Steve and Rene.
Important message of Gadi to reduce plastic!
Please download the list of tips for reducing plastic in daily life.
“Hi dear members
Please find attached a list of suggestions for practical ways of reducing use of plastic in your daily life.
I personally commit myself to not use any plastic bag when I go shopping. What will be your personal commitment? It can be any small action, but I think we cannot ask others to do something if we don’t do it ourselves. What do you think? It can be something not on the list. But we all need to be committed to our cause and it starts with changing our own habits.
Please send me your Commitment to gadi(at) I will start building a list of our commitments. If you can ask your parents and friends to commit also, then GREAT! send it to me as an attachment. This will be a continuous action on our part.
You are the citizens of tomorrow, and your degree of commitment today will determine the future state of our environment and the degree of change to be brought.
Looking forward to your positive response, Gadi Chetty, president of TOPtoTOP Mauritius”
Latest news from Gadi…may there will be soon TOPtoTOP Cameroun!
I have a friend who has created a university in cameroun since 4 years and is very impressed when I talked to him about the Toptotop organisation. He is very keen to start a toptotop with his students, and since mannengouba, their region is surrounded by mountains, feels that they can climb a few mountains too.

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