2011-11-04_sa_richards-bay (93).JPGRhinoceros in the Hluhluwe NP
Our first stop in South Africa was a success:
2011-11-04_sa_richards-bay (143).JPGVisit of the SGS office in Richards Bay
Yesterday we had the joy to give a presentation to our “SGS family members” here in Richards Bay and learn more about their services. Esme was of big help during our stay and organizing the event. Congratulation!
2011-11-04_sa_richards-bay (147).JPGEsme = 3rd from left
Thanks to Marius, from KWA Natal Adventures. we had a great time to see the wildlife in the neighborhood of Richards Bay.
2011-11-04_sa_richards-bay (64).JPGSnake City
2011-11-04_sa_richards-bay (71).JPGZebras on the road
2011-11-04_sa_richards-bay (70).JPGImpala
Climate Awareness March
Last Wednesday we were invited by the department of agriculture and environmental affairs for a meeting to organize a “Climate Awareness March”. It took place today and was a great success. Dario E. will report soon. Below the first impressions:
2011-11-04_sa_richards-bay (2).JPGSouth Africans express their feelings for the climate singing and dancing