Xmas donation “Water for Maasai”

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The video is up on the Climate Change TV website, klick this link to check it out!
Please donate for the TOPtoTOP Maasai Project! TOPtoTOP likes to build a best practice example for the region in the Maasai country for a sustainable water management system based on solar.
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Short description of the first project in the Loiborsoit village:
Catching water from the roofs of Loiborsoit primary school in tanks. Distribution of water through pipes. Water will be mainly used for washing and cooking in the school kitchen. No such installation exists up to now for the about 650 students. CHF 11’000.- is needed to build a sustainable system.
Here the link to the TOPtoTOP bank details and do not forget to note “Water for Maasai”.
For detailed information please download project costs file (Excel) and/or contact project manager Markus Heeb (info@massailand.com) and check TOPtoTOP expedition report from August 2011.

Here the link to more pictures

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