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2013-03-12_sthelena_exped-report (17).JPGSt. Helena is a nucleus in the immense Atlantic Ocean where Napoleon died on the 5th of May 1821. An airport is going to be realized in the next 5 years mainly to bring tourist to the island. Big investors are ready to go. – A huge challenge for the small community of islanders and its fragile environment. Thanks to the NGO “St. Helena National Trust” operating on the island, there is hope for endemic plants and endemic animals like the Wirebird. The airport will be build just at the birding site of the endemic Wirebird …and there are only 322 left! It’s the national bird of St. Helena…
Clean up on the 9th of March
2013-03-12_sthelena_exped-report (15).JPG
Prince St. Andrew School and TOPtoTOP did a clean up at Sandy Bay St. Helena Island. Interesting was the fact that there was so much oil and tar at the beach. ..even the fact that the island is so remote!
So big oil tankers must wash their tanks still on the open ocean, – out of control….shame to the people they still harm our lovely planet.
2013-03-12_sthelena_exped-report (14).JPG
Pilling school visits Pachamama on the 8th of March
2013-03-12_sthelena_exped-report (7).JPGThe students were excited to learn more about the renewable technologies on the expedition boat. – It is not easy to get to the anchorage, – specially the landing because of the swell. Yesterday our whole family nearly flipped! –
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After our presentations many primary students participated in the TOPtoTOP drawing contest:2013-03-12_sthelena_exped-report (3).JPG
St. Helena a fishing community
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The local fishermen have a hard time. They have to compete with their small boats against the international fishing industry with huge boats and large nets. They get only 0.69 GBP per kilo of tuna…the market price overseas is more than 12.00 GBP per kilo! Our friend and fisherman did not catch something the last two days and has a family to feed! Finally he got a Marlin and also our kids were very excited!

St. Helena a paradise for hikers

In our free time we went exploring the island. We hiked and climbed and felt in love with this island. Here some pictures:
2013-03-12_sthelena_exped-report (11).JPG2013-03-12_sthelena_exped-report (16).JPG
A highlight was to climb Diana’s Peak with Rebecca, the director of National Trust, and plant a tree on one of the 3 TOP’s. Another was to climb “Lot” on Annemarie’s 70th birthday ( our present: an entry for Annemarie in the old summit-book on TOP of Lot!2013-03-12_sthelena_exped-report (18).JPGLot climbers