Here the latest press release for Rio!
On Saturday the 17th of March we founded TOPtoTOP St. Helena! …like this we are always in contact with St. Helena and are looking forward to hear about their first club activities.
On Monday the 19th of March we leave St. Helena. Over the weekend we were many times in tears, because we had to say goodbye to all our friends.
2012-03-18_pilling-school.jpgTeachers from Pilling School, – one of the best teachers we met on the expedition!
2012-03-18_pachamama-rabit.jpgGoodbye to our rabid who stayed with us on Pachamama
We will need about 20 days to get to Rio. You can contact us on the Atlantic Ocean! Cal us on 00870 7625 68 933!
We are crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Please email us after our arrival in Rio on the 10th of April. You can also call us on the expedition sailboat, phone: 00870 7625 68 933.