2012-04-11_rio_low.jpgOur location in Rio. – Thank you very much Marina da Gloria for your support, so that we can do the TOPtoTOP project in Rio! (picture by Paul Watson)
Please contact us on our Brasilian mobile 0055 (0) 21 71 49 52 21!
Get the 2012-04-08 press-release Rio!
Watch the Atlantic crossing and click here! More videos of the TOPtoTOP Expedition, here!
We started to cross the South Atlantic Ocean in Simons Town near Cape Town on the 24th of January 2012. We stopped after 13 days in St. Helena to do the TOPtoTOP project on this remote island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean: See Jacqui’s preview using the password “Saint”!
From St. Helena we needed 19 days to Rio. We arrived today on the 7th of April at 18 UTC. The conditions were more difficult and we ripped our Genaker sail in a sudden blast of 30+ kn wind. There were days with a lot of wind and waves. In a day with not much wind we did a man-over-board drill: Dario jumped and Sabine rescued…It was a good lesson for our kids that shows how fast you are gone when you go overboard even in easy conditions!
In Rio, we got a perfect space direct in the center in the” Marina da Gloria” thanks to our friend Raimundo Nascimento. We met him the first time in Durban and he became last month the oldest single hand circumnavigator from Brazil.
Alegra did now in her first 10 months already 10’000 nm, Noe with 2 has 15’000 on his account and Salina 6 and Andri 5 sailed around the world back to the continent where they have been born. For Sabine and Dario it was very special: They never thought when they crossed the Atlantic together the first time in 2003/04 that they will be 6 the 2nd time!!!
Now we need a shower and some sleep…. Please do not forget Salina’s birthday party on the 11th of April from 16 h onwards on SY Pachamama, Marina da Gloria (our address for the moment is TOPtoTOP Expedition, Consulado geral da Suíça, Rua Cândido Mendes, 157 – 11° andar, 20241-220 Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil).
Your TOPtoTOP South Atlantic crew: Sabine and Dario with Salina, Andri, Noe, Alegra and Jacqui