2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (5).JPGAnchorage in “Sitio Forte”
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (9).JPGPresentations and workshops in schools on Ilha Grande. Village of Abrao. Thank you Michelle to be our translater and organizer!
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (26).JPGClean up together with SY Green Nomad and locals. Lopes Mendes Beach. – Read the blog of Green Nomad and see more pictures of TOPtoTOP.
On the earth-summit in Rio will be a lot of talking… It is important not to forget also to act! This was the main message during our workshops in the schools and clean ups in the last month.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (12).JPGStudents busy finding solutions for our climate at the “Plant for a Planet” workshop. Kjell from “Plant for a Planet” (www.plant-for-the-planet.org) joined TOPtoTOP and SY Pachamama to lead the workshop.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (13).JPGSabine in action for “Pachamama” = mother earth
At the Rio20+ we organize a big Clean Up to stress the importance of action by all of us: Please join us at the Big Clean up Event “TOPtoTOP-Rio limpa” Praia de Flamengo, Baia da Guanabara, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 16th of June at 15 p.m.. Meeting point: TOPtoTOP Expedition Sailboat “Pachamama”, Marina da Gloria just next to Praia Flamengo at 14.30 h.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (3).JPGButterfly
On Ilha Grande nature has a pristine flora and fauna. In the past there was only a prison camp and like this there was no tourism development till recently.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (6).JPGMany small fishing villages with small schools: We try to make the people proud about their beautiful island and the importance to preserve it.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (1).JPGGarbage is becoming a huge problem, because tourism is starting. At the moment the trash is separated and transported by boat to the main land for disposal.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (20).JPGOn the 3rd of June we organized a cleanup combined with a surf competition together with the National Park authorities of Ilha Grande. We found a lot of small pieces of plastic.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (24).JPGSome surfers painted their board to wake awareness for “Preservation and the trash problem”.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (25).JPGSo it was fun! Even we started quite late cleaning everybody participated with big effort.
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (22).JPGOn the way back over the rocks you saw “happy faces”! That’s all about “sport and the environment”, giving something back to nature!
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (23).JPGThank you for caring too, next time you are outdoor!
2012-05-04_exped-report_ilha-grande (2).JPGAt the moment we are just fixing our rudders with our friend Marcelo, before we leave for the school in Parati and then head for the conference in Rio.