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2012-06_rio20-un-conference (15).JPG2012-06_rio20-un-conference (14).JPG
The Rio20+ is over. The crowded conference buildings were empty soon after; – left behind the unsolved tasks. A group of young people from 23 nations act and created a network of ambassadors of hope at one of the very last sessions. TOPtoTOP is proud to be part! Please inscribe the International Youth Contact List.xlsx if you like to be part of it too and email the updated list to Diana Morales (
What we learned after the COP17 and Rio20+ is that big conferences are not the one solution to change the world. We all change the world. We have it all in us. We know deep in our hearts “the future we want”. Now we have to act!
Please always remember “vision without action is just a dream – only action brings satisfaction!”
TOPtoTOP is all about action; please join us in our efforts for “the future we want”! See an example what we do.
Here some impressions of the conference:
2012_rio20-un-conference18.JPGSabine with Fabian Cousteau, grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The idea is to collaborate with his project Plantafish.
2012_rio20-un-conference17.JPG “Mr. microcredit” Muhammad Yunus
2012_rio20-un-conference16.JPGSabine with Jill Van den Brule from Soleil Global: lighten up the world – another sustainable example. This solution allows to study at night; – environmentaly friendly and at low costs! TOPtoTOP are proud to become ambassodors of Soleil Global.
2012_rio20-un-conference15.JPGUnited Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon: “Rio+20 has given us a solid platform to build on. And it has given us the tools to build with. The work starts now.”
2012_rio20-un-conference10.JPGDario just trough the check point at the entrence
2012_rio20-un-conference11.JPGworking hard between the sessions
2012_rio20-un-conference12.JPGclimate promotion
2012-06_rio20-un-conference (10).JPGoutside the conference and close to Pachamama was the “People’s Summit”
2012-06_rio20-un-conference (12).JPGcollecting good exampels at the “People’s Summit”
2012-06_rio20-un-conference (9).JPGvisitors on Pachamama
Thanks to Fabio and Gratz Rio20+ was a success for TOPtoTOP….we had for sure the best smile 🙂 !Thanks a lot Fabio and Gratz for checking the whole family!

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