More actions during Rio20+

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2012-06_rio_presentations04.JPGTOPtoTOP at Associacao Saude Crianca
The mission of “Saude Crianca” is to provide holistic assistance to children and their families who live below the poverty line. – Our workshop and presentation with these slum children was organized by Adriana Mussi (SGS Rio de Janeiro). Please learn more and donate to this great project!
Adriana from SGS was also able to bring us in contact with Instituto Fernanda Keller. Fernenda Keller is the best triathlet from Brazil and won the “Hawaii Iron Man”. She founded that institute to support 500 children and give them a chance to escape poverty. Many thanks to the Brazilian army for putting up a big tent, where we were able to fit all children and do our TOPtoTOP presentation. We are looking forward to meet all these wonderful children again, when they come to visit the TOPtoTOP expedition boat “Pachamama”!
2012-06_rio_presentations05.JPGBack in the Swiss School of Rio de Janeiro; Sabine’s session for the small students
2012-06_rio_presentations06.JPGjob sharing: Sabine for the small students – Dario for the older ones
2012-06_rio_presentations02.jpgOfficial announcement of Rene Estermann, myclimate regarding the partnership between myclimate and TOPtoTOP
2012-06_rio_presentations03.jpgMany thanks to the Commodore and Gisele from the Yacht Club of Rio de Janeiro to organize the event
2012-06_rio_presentations01.jpgHope to see you at our last public presentation in Brazil, when we are back in Rio to say goodbye and continue to sail towards the Arctic. The presentation will be on the 22nd of August at 19.30 h at the Yacht Club of Rio de Janeiro.

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