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More pictures from the World Expo in Yeosu here and !
2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (17).JPG2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (19).JPG Many thanks to Luziano from the wonderful and very hospital Marina 188 in Paraty! This marina welcomes cruising sailboats and was our base camp to do our project in the area.
While Dario was busy at the World Expo in Korea, Sabine had a visit from Rosi and Ernst.
2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (7).JPGSabine producing drinking water for the kids. Water was the main topic of Dario’s presentations.
2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (10).JPG Family reunited on Pico Azzugar, Marangua.
School holidays were over in Southern Brazil and we started again visiting schools:
2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (22).JPG School of Sitio Forte, Ilha Grande, Brazil together with solar pioneer Juerg and Silvia.
2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (23).JPGSabine in the School of Saco do Ceu, where the kids broke a record in cleaning the small village:
2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (25).JPG
2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (29).JPGIn Abrou on Ilha Grande we celebrated Noe’s 3rd birthday on the 15.08.2012 at Andre’s beautiful place Asalem. There we picked up also Christina our new crew and teacher. Yesterday we did our last clean up in Palmas on Ilha Grande and now just arrived in Rio to get the US visa issued after sruggeling against the wind…hope to be further N soon…
2012-08-19_exped-report_yeosu-paraty-ilhagrande (32).JPG

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