2012-09_toptotop-annual-report_brazil-ilha-tanque_clean-up-1.JPGTOPtoTOP Clean Up on Tanque Island, Camamu
More pictures here!
2012-08_toptotop-annual-report_brazil-rio-pico-acucar_on-the-top.JPGSabine & Dario on top of Sugarloaf
End of August it was time to say goodbye to Rio and the many friends there. – It was not easy and we had to cry. –
We had a last presentation at the Yacht Club of Rio. We climbed together with SY Byamee Corcovado Mountain and on our 11th wedding anniversary last time the Sugarloaf.
The stop in Rio we used also to organize our US visa and got invited to check our skin for cancer. The funniest thing was the arrival of Annemarie’s Easter present, after 5 month on the way from Switzerland. The Swiss chocolate was all melted to a big ball, but it was still a great moment especially for the kids.
2012-08_toptotop-annual-report_brazil-rio-icrj_pachamama.JPGPachamama at the Yacht Club in Rio
2012-08-31_brazil_rio-salvador_wales.JPG Wales!
On the 28th of August we left Rio. On the first leg up the coast we had to deal with the many oil platforms and drilling ships and got caught once in fishing net. Christina jumped in the water to free our keel and rudder. The fishing boat was just waiting that we cut the net so that they would be able to charge us. Christina in the wet t-shirt in the water changed their mood: So they had fun, took pictures and leave….
As soon as we approached the Abrolhos archipelago we meet with many humpback wales just jumping into the air next to the boat. Byamee had a lot of luck in running into a sleeping wale and lifted out of the water. Joyce reported over the VHF that it was quite scary!
2012-09_toptotop-annual-report_brazil-camamu-saphino_local-sailor.JPGlocal sailor
2012-09-10_brazil_camamu-tanque_lunch-andre.JPG great local food at Andre’s family
Our next anchorage was in the Camamu Bay at the mouth of Rio Saphino. There we had to fix first our water pump that filled our boat with sea water. We went up the river to the market in Camamu to buy fruits and vegetables and had a great clean up on Tanque Island. Thank you so much Andre to organize the school and for the hospitality of your family!
2012-09-18_brazil_itaparica_kids-on-pachamama-1.JPG66 kids on Pachamama in Itaparica
Continuing north we made it just in time to pick up my brother Franco in Salvador. He was after 12 years the first time on Pachamama. It was nice to spend some timewith him. At the moment we are anchored in front of Itaparica, where we had 66 primary school children on board and did a great clean up yesterday. In Itaparica we met also SY BalticSun again. We met the last time in March in St. Helena. Alastair and Ingrid’s sun Michael introduced us to Copeira teacher Omara Silviada Canceicao Santos. Now our kids become Capoeira dancers.
2012-09-18_brazil_itaparica_theater-supporters.JPGSalina, Andri and Noé supports Sabine in our theater made by Annemarie