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2013-02-05_trinidad_pys-back-into-the-water.JPGThe main event in the past month, apart from working on the boat, was a “thank you party” on the 30th of January held in Peake Yacht Services organized by the Swiss Honorary Consul General Michele Khan.
The evening was held in order to thank all the wonderful people that have helped us complete all the work that needed to be done here in Trinidad and give a quick, more detailed insight into the TOPtoTOP expedition. The atmosphere was pleasant and jolly- even more so towards the end. Dario gave a short speech and showed some films and photographs of their adventures and experiences so far and the future plans. It was a pleasure to have also Ronald W Jones from SGS Trinidad and Roy Peake from Peake Yacht Services with us.
2013-02-02_trinidad_kiddies-carnival-1.JPGEven though we aren’t here for actual carnival, we got to go to the kiddie’s carnival and were thoroughly impressed by the costumes they had. I still wonder how they manage to dance with them on.
We were honoured to be invited to have lunch with the French Ambassador Jaques and Marie-Laure Sturm and the British High Commissioner Arthur Snell and his family.
Since the 5th of February Pachamama is back in the water and after a month of hard work we are ready leave. We will be heading towards Grenada and then the ABC-Islands.
On the way to Grenada we will be crossing the path that the expedition took in 2004, which is quite a big deal for the expedition.
Our departure here in Trinidad also coincides with the start of the figure-of-eight circumference of the Americas.
Once again a big thank to all the people that helped us, especially all the workers from Peake Yacht Services.

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