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13-03-02_san-blas-islands-panama_caya-holandas.JPG13-03-01_san-blas-islands-panama_once-around-the-world.JPGAfter a wonderful time in Columbia we left for the San Blas Islands. It was a rocky but short passage. Even as we approached the riff in front of the Island we could see quite a few other sailing yachts anchored there; last time Dario and Sabine were there they were alone. On that note, arriving in the San Blas Islands marks a very important event for Dario and Sabine: They have finished their circumnavigation! It took them 8 years 10 months 14 days 13 hours 20 minutes and four kids. Read the report and see the pictures when we anchored there the 1st time in April 2004 joined by Hanspeter!
The initial plan was to only stay one maybe two days but really bad weather hit us, delaying our voyage to Panama by a few days. To be honest it was great because it allowed us to do a clean-up and celebrate Sabine’s Birthday there.
It was really interesting to hear that the Island had been completely plastic free eight years ago and no one had live there. Funnily enough the plastic doesn’t come from the local inhabitants but is washed ashore. The amount was incredible we filled more than twenty bags and covered a minute amount of the beach.
Julio the owner of the Island cleans-up a little part of the beach every day. As there aren’t any other means to dispose of the rubbish he burns it. As a thank you for cleaning up, we all got “pipa (coconut) juice. Yummy! Sabine was also able to help as a nurse and we donated again food and cloths.
The other two families on the Island rotate an a three monthly bases to watch and guard the coconuts.
For Sabines’s Birthday we organized a little get together with all the other SY. Salina and Andri got some time during school to organize a treasure hunt for Sabine. It was great fun.