toptotop-1st-circumnavigation-of-2-americas-in-fig-8.jpg1st circumnavigation around the 2 Americas in a figure 8 to our last 2 TOPs of 7: Mount Denali in Alaska, Mount Vinson in Antarctica.
More pictures here from Gustvo Miller and here!
2013-03-21_panama_marina-flamenco_presentation_sgs-customers-toptotop.JPGOn the 21st of March 2013 at Flamenco Marina it was the start of the 1st circumnavigation of the 2 Americas in a figure 8. Thanks to the support of Flamenco Marina and SGS we had a great event. Among the many participants there was the Swiss Honorary Consul to Panama, many SGS employees and customers.
2013-03-21_panama_marina-flamenco_presentation-2.JPGAfter a presentation by Dario, there was a cocktail and everybody was able to visit the expedition sailboat Pachamama.
2013-03-21_panama_marina-flamenco_presentation_powerwomen-sabine-ana-karen.JPGMany thanks again to the core organization team – the 3 power women: Sabine from TOPtoTOP, Ana from Flamenco Marina and Karen from SGS Panama.
We are sailing soon North towards the Arctic and looking forward to be back in Flamenco Marina in 2 years time when we are heading to Antarctica.