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2013-03-31_cocos-island.JPGSee more pictures here.
TOPtoTOP was warmly welcomed today by park ranger Esteban Herrrera at Cocos Island (N05.32W087.03) to check the underwater after an impact with a floating log on the 6 days voyage from Panama over Las Perlas towards Hawaii.
The island is unique! 15 % of the plants are endemic and 60 animals you find only here…
At the moment we just sent a request to park director Fernenado Quiros so that we can investigate the garbage washed ashore and send the data to the International Pacific Research Center in Hawaii. Furher we like to produce a documentary and report about this special place to inspire and motivate even more people to protect our planet in the next destinations.
Here some pictures.
See also “Area de Conservation Marina Isla del Coco“.
More coming soon… At the moment we are still waiting the respond of Costa Rica’s immigration office who is able to give us permission to land…
Today we had Easter Bunny on Pachamama with a lot of excitement for the kids, but also some tears, because Johannes has to leave to make it back in time to Switzerland for his exams to enter medical school.
Here his last statement before hopping into the dinghy and rowing over to Luna Rosa, a luxury motor yacht. Captain Salvador agreed to give Johannes a lift to the continent. Now we are the only boat on Cocos Island except the boat of the Park Rangers.
“Some say life is just a game. I never believed that. But reminiscing the last two months, it was just poker! So many parameters had to be right… from the arrival until the journey’s happy end. The US Visa, I got it in 2 weeks. Two very important packages sent with the public post arrived just on the last day in Panama City, and so on… Life is a game, means you may win, but you don’t have to be afraid of losing. You need good strategies, persistence, sometimes to take high risks and a pinch of luck. It makes fun; it’s adventurous and very exciting!
The price was all these unforgettable experiences between Trinidad and Cocos Island on the TOPtoTOP Expedition.
I feel like a winner, just one thing bothers me: I’m next to one of the most beautiful and unique islands, but won’t be able to set a foot on the ground of it, because the immigration issue is still not solved. The only possibility to hitchhike back to Costa Rica for weeks is now! I cannot decide when I want to leave, because I have to be back to prepare for my medicine studies. So my boat leaves in 30 minutes… Goodbye!”
Finally we got permission to go on land and thanks to the rangers we had a wonderful time. The swell is increasing and we may have to leave the anchorage tonight. So the Cocos report comes as soon as we are able to do it and get internet connection?