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The port captain allowed us to stay 2 nights, so that we were able to show Salina’s knees to a doctor. We were able to buy the right antibiotics. Our old friend Susanna helped us to stock up with fruits and vegetables. Old friend Charley guided us to see some animals and Pipa cooked us a wonderful fish.
It was just great to see all our Galapagos friends again.
Some of the school children we visited in 2004 are married and have kids too.
The population of Villamile nearly tripled and there is a wonderful church. Many tourists, hotels, cars and a port with tourist boats changed the place in regards to 2004.
The climate changed in the way that they have stronger and harder rainfalls, so that Villamille got flooded.
The best for us was to see our old close friends Susanna and Charley again.
Now we are ready to sail after we fixed our sea water pump. Goodbye Galapagos – Hawaii we are coming!

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