Watch the Video from Jacqui!
Sabine and Dario started cycling Wednesday evening after 2 bikes was offered from Mid-Pacific Wheels LLC to them.
They had to cancel their initial plan to hike up in 3 days with their 4 children, because they couldn’t get permission to camp on the way up. That’s why they had to go up in one go. They needed about 15 hours from Radio Bay on 0 m to the summit on 4200 m and 5 hours down to the boat anchored in Radio Bay, Hilo – Hawaii.
It was “harder than on Everest” because they have been 50 days on sea without acclimatization and not much exercise, but they have been so glad when they reached the top of the world measured from the sea floor. Thanks to the TOPtoTOP volunteers Christina, Meret and Jacqui, Sabine and Dario were joined by their children Salina (8), Andri (6), Noé (3) and Alegra (2) to hike the last ascent to the very TOP.
They hope that the infrastructure for hikers improves, so other people have an option to legally walk up this incredibly beautiful TOP of our planet in the future.
Sabine and Dario would like to use their climb from the “SEA to the STARS” as encouragement for others to become less dependent on cars, and more open-minded towards those willing and inspired to walk; therefore taking a step towards protecting our environment.