by Nicole
(This is the Hawaiian way to say hello under friends)
Last Tuesday, we had to exchange our bed in the Halekulani hotel with the bed on Pachamama. A big thanks goes to Ueli Krauer, the Swiss manager of the hotel.
The breakfast buffet was a land of milk and honey for the kids and adults. Alegra and Noe spend the most time in the swimming pool while Andri and Salina had school with Christina. Noe knows now how to swim over water and Andri learned to ride bike without training wheels. Every free second he wants to ride bike.
We had to say goodbye to Meret, who has joined toptotop for more than 5 month! (A Quarter of Alegras life! Alegra is still looking if Meret comes back)! It was sad to say goodbye, but we keep all the very nice memories in our heart. Thank you for everything!
The public clean up on the Waikiki beach was a success. But we found a lot of little plastic pieces which isn’t so good if you know that they clean every day the beach.
Last Thursday, we had a presentation in the Rotary club organized by Victoria.Thank you very much for the donation.
The boat is almost ready for depart to Alaska after some days hard work. Friday we sailed the boat over to the Keehi shipyard. They lifted the boot out and did a very good job. A special thanks to them. The rudder blade wasn’t fixe very good and so we were afraid that it doesn’t hold up to Alaska. A reparation rule is: once you take out the boat there is more to do then provided. So we cleaned and painted the underwater. Each time at the end of the day, appeared a little problem. We discovered a hole in the rudder, and other things. But now everything is fixed and the boat is in the water again and everybody is happy with the new
blue color.
While we are working on the boat, we couldn’t sleep on the boot and so we had a very nice sleep over by Reta Maag. Thanks a lot to her for the nice stay with this amazing view over Honolulu and the Diamond Head. She is the oldest person, who was on Pachamama. With 84 years, she managed it to climb on the boat. I hope that we are also in the best of health in this age.
Yesterday, Sabine and Theres Ryf Desai (Honorary Consul of Switzerland) did the purchasing for the next 3 months. Know the boot is full of fruits
(140 apples, 169 potatoes, 44 oranges, and 14 kg carrots), 30 kg pasta, 12 kg milkpowder, 15 kg cheese and some other food. Normally we should have 2 weeks for sailing to Dutch harbor in Alaska. But with the wind and storm maybe we arrive elsewhere. So we don’t know if there are any good shops.
Jan from the pacific research center went over for install the equipment for collecting water samples, which we have to do on the way northward. His team wants to analyze the radio activity in the north pacific after the tsunami in Japan and the explosion in the atomic power plant Fukushima.
A short description about the radioactive cesium analysis:
partnership toptotop-IPRC.docx
Today we will have a potluck party with our friends at the lacuna for visiting the boat or for have a drink and for a swim. I have never seen so many rainbows. The weather is changing very fast from sun to rain and is normal that we can observe 2-3 rainbows a day.
A big thanks goes to Timm, who helped Sabine with her new Laptop (mac) and explained us 2 girls the starry sky.
Did you know that Hawaii islands are the most isolated islands on earth? With 2500 miles to the continent the Hawaii islands are the islands the farthest from the continent.
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Good news from TOPtoTOP Mauritius: They did a tree planting activity with many members for grand Bay primary school on friday 21st June.they got trees from ministry of agriculture.