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When we arrived in Seldovia at the 31st of July we saw a river otter sleeping in the harbor. The next day we went to Homer. There we met Mossy Kilcher, whose father emigrated from Switzerland to Alaska. We stayed for three nights and Dario organized the further journey. The kids enjoyed all the animals and had fun exploring the whole farm.
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Mossy showed us around and told us a lot of interesting things about how she tries to live in harmony with nature. You find more information about it in our latest video clip!
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At the 1st of August we celebrated the Swiss national day with Mossy and her family. Mossy still knows German and they could even sing the very traditional Swiss song “Es Buurebüebli”. You can listen to this on our latest film! In response Dario sang an origanal Vilterser “Alpsegen” which is a prayer for the cows in the Swiss Alps.
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We had a great time at this very beautiful place! It was such a pleasure to meet Mossy and her husband Kornelius at the seaside farm. Thank you very much for your hospitality!
For everybody who is planning to go to Alaska, the seaside farm is a must-do! This is the link to their website.