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Last press release from Cordova
Read the article send by Bryan regarding “Climate Change Has Reached Our Shores –“!
Report by Helen:
My time in Alaska on the boat is almost over, time to think about the last two months’ that went by very quickly.
I was very nervous before I got on the boat, I had been planning this time for almost half a year in advance. Quite a few times things changed and I was glad, when I finally met Dario, Sabine and the four kids. I got on the boat in Seldovia and sailed with them to Seward, Whittier and Cordova, where we stayed for the last 5 weeks (Alaska).
What I take with me from this time:
– some sailing skills 🙂
– experience of teaching on a shaky, tiny place
– experience of living on a shaky, tiny place
– memories of whales, bears, otters and other animals
– knowledge about the fishing industry, mushrooms and berries
– friendships and a whole new image of hospitality and friendlyness
– memories of lively kids and parents, that wouldn’t let themselves stop doing things because of wind or rain
– connections to fishermen!
– appreciation of sunny weather!
– momories of great hiking!
– the taste of salmon
– much more!
I was glad that I came to Alaska!! I had a very good time here! I will now travel to Ecuador, where I’m going to stay for the next 6 months. If you have any tipps or advice for my time there, you could contact me via Email:
And if there are some “TopToTop-people” around, I would be more than happy to meet you! :).
Note: Thanks to the Sience Center in Cordova, Caitlin A.E. McKinstry we got great inos about bio luminescence in the ocean.

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