2013-11-20_exped-report_usa_alaska_cordova_038.JPG2013-11-20_exped-report_usa_alaska_cordova_008.JPGWe did a presentation at the Cordova High School and got 2 interesting entries for the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Award.
Sam started a great survey how the many milk packages from the schools can be efficiently used to heat houses. He started already some tests and we are waiting for his entry.
Kris Ranney was in time with his entry about cleaning the shore lines around Cordova from the maritime debris. He became the winner for North America and is nominated for the TOPtoTOP Award Expedition in January 2014. Watch his film here!
2013-11-20_exped-report_usa_alaska_cordova_002.JPGWe joined again the “Salmon Blitz” organized by the Copper River Watershed Project. It was great fun and we learned a lot. Salmon in new streams were found and listed.
On a cleanup – organized by the city manager Randy Robertson – Noe found a bear:
In the last month we did many presentations. A great event were we were involved, was the “Cordova Care” event. Just before it started snowing we did a public presentation organized by the Prince William Sound Science Center with great success:
Pachamama is now ready for the winter. We shrink wrapped the boat so that the snow can glide off. Inside it feels like in an igloo:
Many thanks to all… more soon when we get less busy.