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This morning we visited Yosemite National Park Valley School; an elementary school serving all the children of the employees who live and work within the Park/Valley.
With Half Dome and Yosemite falls – the largest waterfall in America and one of the largest in the world, shadowing the the playground it was hard not to be inspired by nature from the very moment you stepped into the school grounds.
We started off with a few songs from Switzerland before we launched into our presentation about the expedition and the TOP to TOP message. The children had so many questions about the various solutions we showed them, and already knew so much about solar power and the effect global warming is having on the planet. It was great to see inspired minds at such a young age.
We then went and cleaned up their school playground, with lots of plastic collected and disposed of correctly.
Before leaving, we launched the TOP to TOP international climate solutions drawing contest at their school, with lots of great ideas already coming out of the woodwork, we really look forward to receiving their entries and reading through their solutions over the coming weeks.
We are now staying in Yosemite for a few days rest before setting off towards Death Valley, stopping off at more schools along the way. Below is a quick update of where we have got to so far on the cycle. Each letter indicates where we have stopped for a night.