Yesterday we were able to visit Mammoth Elementary school to give a talk and presentation to their 4th and 5th grade students – of which there were 200 of them!
It was great to be able to speak with such a large captive audience and already we could see that the climate solutions they may enter into the drawing contest were going to be great.
We then were able to talk with Christie Osborne from the Mammoth Tourism board and learn a little more about the area before exploring it later that afternoon. Thank you so much to Christie for all your help and advice.
Mammoth is a town sitting at an elevation of 7,880 ft, it is very popular to tourists and sport fanatics. Dubbed the ‘Playground of America’ it attracts mountain bikers and hikers in the summer, turning into a major ski resort in the winter. Mammoth Lakes town is unique in so far as it is a small town covering only 2.5 sq. miles but is surrounded by 2 million acres of public land.
Surrounded by mountains and lakes, and really is a stunning part of the country. We spent a short time a Twin Lakes Waterfall, it was great to see the lake so full and the waterfall flowing freely.
We then travelled to Minaret Vista which Christie had recommended to us as a great spot to catch sunset. The Minaret Vista overlooks the Devils Postpile National Monuments which were formed when basalt lava erupted in the valley around 100,000 years ago, filling the valley near the Postpile to a depth of 400ft. Around 10,000 years ago, glaciers flowed down the valley, the moving ice eroded to mass of lava and quarried away one side of the Postpile, exposing sheer wall columns 60 feet high. It really is a spectacular geological view.
This morning we were back at the Mammoth Schools campus, this time giving a talk to 50 of the high school children. Thank you so much for having us and for all your great questions!