We’ve had a couple of busy days here (apologies for the lack of exped report this week), and have again been reminded about the kindness of people we are surrounded by everywhere we go.
After making it to Laughlin we then took a short trip to the Grand Canyon, which was just spectacular…. Well worth the chilly camping conditions for the stunning vistas. Here we learn’t about the history of the Grand Canyon as well as what the the future potentially holds for the area… with climate change playing an important part.
Dario and Sabine were even able to make it down into the canyon to the edge of the collorado river which was super.
Whilst at Grand Canyon we met and were helped by so many amazingly kind and generous people. Huge thanks particularly to John and Ron, you were fantastic and we do hope you stay in touch and we see in you in the new year.
From the Grand Canyon we headed back to Laughlin where we stayed with elementary school teacher Kathy and her husband ‘Mack’. Swiss readers will know that on the 6th December Salina, Andri, Noe and Alegra should have been expecting a visit from Swiss Santa Claus ‘Samischlaus’. Unfortunately he was unable to find us on the 6th (the Grand Canyon is a easy place to get lost… even for someone as knowledgeable as Santa), and so he instead visited us on the 10th at Kathy’s house.
Thank you so much to Kathy, Mack and Santa Claus himself for making the day so special for us, Christmas away from home is hard enough but you really did make it feel like a home away from home.
From Laughlin we headed south, making 90km before dark, camping just off highway 95, where we were treated to a beautiful sunrise on what became a very long day of cycling!
With news of storms hitting the west coast we were keen to try and make as much distance as possible, with Joshua Tree our target, we had an early start with the intention of getting as far as we could…. Hoping we could make the whole distance.
220kms, 11 hours and very sore bums later, we made it to Joshua Tree last night and are staying with our good friend from Alaska, Shelly.
Shelly’s daughter lives in Joshua Tree and with Shelly visiting for the Holidays it was great to be greeted by a friendly face after such a long day. Shelly is an author and Whale researcher who we met whilst in Alaska. Thank you so much to Kye, Andy and Shelly for letting us stay and shelter from the storm!
We will now be in the area until after Christmas, and will be visiting schools to give our last presentations of the year – if you’re in the area and would like us to visit you – please do get in touch – jenny@toptotop.org or Dario@toptotop.org.