The end of our stay was a very busy one!
On Thursday we had a great day visiting the San Marcos Rotary Club at their lunchtime meeting. Thank you to John and the rest of the rotarians for having us and for your kind donation as well as giving the gift of vaccinating 30 children against Polio in TOPtoTOPs name.
After speaking to the rotarians it was on to UCSD to give a presentation to students and professors. This is the first of two talks at the university TOPtoTOP will give, when we return to the area in March (more on that later…) we will be heading back to the university to give a larger talk and presentation to the wider student body.
Whats next – big news!
Whilst here in San Diego we have been overwhelmed by the support and receptiveness of the local population. The area is so tuned in to changing their lives to a way which incorporates good solutions and promoting good solutions to others, which is why we are keen to make the most of this and return to the area.
Below you can see the route plan;
San Diego will now become ‘base camp’ for the next, and final leg of the expedition (points 10-15 on map). The first leg will see us sailing to the Arctic from San Diego, going from there through the NW Passage, down the east US coast and back to San Diego. We will then head south to Mount Vinson, our last TOP, in Antarctica, and then back up the east coast of South America and back to San Diego.
This POLE to POLE epic journey, will see TOPtoTOP becoming the 1st expedition to travel in a figure 8 around the Americas. During this time we have the aim to double the number of school children we have visited, from 80,000 to 160,000 by the time the expedition ends.
Once back in San Francisco we will sail back to San Diego to hold more presentations, school talks and fundraising events for this POLEtoPOLE journey. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch – jenny @ or dario @