We’ve made it back to Pier 39!

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We have completed the cycle tour, from PIER 39 to Pier 39… It’s taken us 129 days, cycling 2,485 miles on our Stromer Bikes, climbing a total of 89,590ft in elevation – that’s 3 x the height of Mount Everest!!
For more info, or if you would like to run a story on this leg of the journey, please see our en_2015-02-16_press-release-toptotop.pdf 

Thank you so much to the incredible people we have met along the way, who have helped us, opened up their homes, come and cleaned up beaches, mountain tops and deserts with us and of course all the 3000+ students we have visited!
It’s been incredible, and now we focus on visiting more schools, and preparing for our next leg, which will take us from POLE to POLE around the two Americas.
Below are a few photos from our couple of days up from Santa Cruz, staying in Half Moon Bay along the way which was stunning!
Thank you so much to Tyson, Shanda and their children Ashley and Tanner for having us to stay in Santa Cruz – it was great being with you guys!

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