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What a busy couple of weeks it’s been. Once we had arrived back in Pier 39 we then immediately turned around and headed south for a week of meetings, school presentations and talks!
First up was a long awaited meeting at Google HQ in Mountain View. This was set up thanks to Pascal, a friend we met whilst in Red Rocks which was super – and good to catch up with Pascal again. Without Google maps I have little idea how we would have made it through the cities cycling, so it was a big day for us to meet the minds behind it all!
We all know and use Google a huge amount, but aside from owning half of the internet, they are also paving the way for green working; amazingly having been carbon neutral since 2007! You can read more on their green policies here. (I would…it’s pretty impressive!).
Whilst in the area we stayed with the Barbara and Chris Warnock and their son Yoshi. Barbara’s mother Elsbeth also joined us, who is Dario’s mother’s best friend and so it was lovely to spend time with the closest thing to family out here. Thank you so much for having us to stay – it was very much what we needed and appreciated.
After Google, we headed over to Stanford to give a presentation to the Alpine club and others who were interested in coming along – Thanks for having us and please do come and join us on the expedition at some point!
We rounded up our busy week of presentations at the Valencia Elementary school in Aptos – thank you so much to Shanda Towells for helping set this up. Here we were able to present to the 300 4th-6th graders, who then joined us on a very successful clean-up of the school yard – well done and thank you!
After a huge clean-up effort we headed over to the library to perform the muppet show to the kindergarden classes. Despite being just 5 years old, they each had such super ideas on what we can all do to help the environment which was a super end to what was a very busy week! Thank you for all your great suggestions and entries to the drawing contest.

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