Expedition Report: 9th August 2016, Andri Reports Rain, Wildlife & Comfort Food

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9th August 2016

Lat/Long.–Sea state–Wind speed and direction–Water temp.–Pressure–
N71.03/ W149.44– 1 to 2 — NE17 — -3deg. C — 1011 —

Cloud coverage–Magnetic deviation–air temp.–24h distance covered–wildlife
100%– 55– 4deg. C — Arctic tern, seals, a whale — 141nm

Meret reports:

image1 (2)We are making good way. It’s pretty calm but we have decent wind most of the time (10-20 knots from N / NE). It’s raining. We are deciding whether we should push on and try to make it to Hershel Island before we get too much headwind or if we should pass by the … Island, where we were told there are polar bears.
The autopilot stopped working briefly but Dario knows what to look for now so we had it fixed in no time.


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Andri reports:

Today, I did school like every morning they woke me up but I was so tired. I wished I could have slept all day. Meret saw a whale today.Yesterday we saw ice. They were all different shapes and sizes. One was shaped like a sea bird and one was shaped like a wall with a little ship sailing in front of it. Some of the, were really big. Christina and Meret and Mum saw a seal.
Today is very wet and grey, we haven’t seen any ice. The weather forecast was for the wind. It’s really grey, we can’t see anything but our books inside.
I’m trying to make a question game in school but it is very hard. I have to write so many questions. During break we ate one slice of apple and half a sandwich, it was very good. I’m in 4th grade now, it’s not hard yet.
Every lunch I need to draw our current location on the paper chart. Yesterday, I was the cook and made our favorite swiss food: ‘Älplermacaroni’ It’s a dish of pasta, onions, cream, bacon and cheese. I put in a lot of cheese!
Yesterday, it was my turn to draw in our logbook for the day. I drew the coast of point Barrow. Dad said, I should become a cartographer.
I went outside in just a jumper, trousers and slippers, it was not so cold but still my hands got really really cold.


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