Expedition Report: Cape Dorset, N64.14/W076.33

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9th & 10th September 2016 by Sabine:

After beating 30kn of head wind for hours, the wind died a bit in the morning and we sailed into a thick fog looking for Cape Dorset! The closer we got the more the fog cleared and we could see little hills everywhere. It was a bit scary because we were not too sure how accurate the charts were and it was hard to see the way through. As we anchored in the bay we could see a beautiful town with colored houses. We quickly ate something and then the first group went a shore. Dario did a presentation at the high school. Unfortunately, the high school was burned down one year ago by some students. The elementary school students have school in the morning till 12.00 and the high school from 13.00- 18.00. They are sharing a building because it takes a lot time to bring all the material up to Cape Dorset to rebuild the school!
When we (Cornelia Salina, Noe and Sabine) went on shore, we saw boys throwing stones at a goose and pulling it back from the water by its tail, when it tried to get away. Salina and Noe felt so sorry for the goose and ask them why they were doing that. “We broke its arm so it would stay with us.”, they explained. Desperately, Salina and Noé tried to convince them to stop. It seemed brutal to us but this is how the children kill the geese to eat them, though this is more commonly done in spring and summer when the geese come back from the south nice and fat.
Everybody had a different chore to do, find a post office, find a shower, find internet and grocery store. We mainly needed toilet paper to clean our noses, because everybody is starting to get sick. At the end of the day we met at the school and met principle Everett and principal Cecile. Cecile gave us a lift to the dingy and offered us to shower and do laundry at the school, the next day.

After a very quick breakfast we went on shore, where super friendly Cecile was waiting. After doing the first load of laundry, we went on a hike to Mt. Kingnait means “many hills”, which is also the Inuktitut name of Cape Dorset. We enjoyed the beautiful view, and could see the way we came in by boat the other day. Back at the school the kids participated in a music session, where they learned throat singing. We all could have a shower and it felt like Christmas. Heidi and Cecile gave us a lots of bananas, apples and oranges. Thank you so much for the fruits!
Dario managed to send an email after 4 hours trying! We said goodbye to all these beautiful people, we just met and went back to the boat. There we had spaghetti bolognese and set sail soon after.
It was getting dark as we left and as we turned the corner we could see a white something at the horizon. We hoped it wasn’t an iceberg but of course it was! So we switched on the radar because in the dark we may not see them until it’s too late.

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