Expedition Report: Bears

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17th September 2016 @ N57.44.6W62.00.7:

9am: time for the Moss Harbor anchorage VHF call between Caledonia, Vagabond and Pachamama. There was still a lot of wind, it was decided to push our plan of going ashore back. Maybe the wind would die down by the afternoon. Instead the three boats discussed engine problems of Caledonia and Vagabond and how to help Caledonia dive to have a good look at their prop. The water is still -2 degrees, not exactly pleasant for diving.

As we were getting a meteorology lesson from Dario, we got another call from Léonie on Vagabond. “Ahhmm Pachamama can you see the bear on the beach? It is near the beach where you had your dingy yesterday. Oh, wait there are two. Can you see them?” For the next half an hour or so, we watched two young black bears trundling along the beach. Probably, they were eating berries. Once in a while they would have a burst of energy and sprint across the rocks to the next little cove.

In the afternoon, the wind had died down a little so we decided to paddle ashore. Due to the strong winds, we took extra paddles. We climbed a mountain and were rewarded with a wonderful view. Back on Pachamama we had spaghetti for all. We were a total of 16 people with Vagabond and Caledonia joining us on Pachamama.
As soon as everybody of our guest left, we watched “Mein Name ist Eugen”. We promised the kids to watch a movie once, but because of difficult conditions we had to postpone it always. It was the second movie in the last 5 months and like that a great event for our kids.

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