Expedition Report: Challenger Peak to Nain

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19th September 2016:

We had an early start paddling ashore after a calm night at the most beautiful anchorage. The kids could not wait to hug the trees. We climbed Challenger Knoll and build a stone man on top. The view over the islands and fiords were outstanding. Challenger Cove is one of the most beautiful anchorages we have seen. There are creeks to fish, blue berries to pick, bear tracks all over the place, wild granite cliffs every climber dreams off and trees. We played “tree catching “, where you climb from one tree to the other not touching the ground. Unfortunately Andri felt from a tree and was k.o. for a short moment. Luckily nothing broken and he was o.k. at the end of the day.

At 10 a.m. we set sail as soon the tide was running out. Like this we had the current all the way with us till Nain and did 10 knots in the 1st Rattle. In these narrows some rafting skills helps to read the whirlpools and eddies.

In Nain we organized the school events for the ext day and met Vagabond who were looking for a place to leave their boat for the winter to fly back to France. They told us where to use the showers and do laundry at the new recreation center at the end of town. There Salina met Linda, who invited us for supper. We ask if Vagabond can join too and like this we had a great crowd at Linda&Bill’s place to goodbye Meret.
We listened to the sad story where locals were forced to leave their settlement and got relocated. In Northern Labrador it was to safe costs, whereas in the Arctic it was to claim territory. Now we have the exclamation of abounded villages like Hebron, we sailed pastsome days before. Some people from Hebron got relocated to Nain.

Vagabond left the same night heading for Goose Bay, where they made arrangements to leave the boat and catch a flight. We had a lot of fun together and looking forward to see them again!

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