21st September 2016, by Christina:

Dario: ,Good morning, time to wake up!’ Its 7am…We have to get up to bring the boat along the pear. 7.02 am Dario expects us to be outside dressed and ready to think and act. He’s always a bit too fast for me, but as soon as the fresh breeze hits me I am awake too. 7.15 am Pachamama is parked and ready for the school kids. They want to see our boat, so we clean up as much as possible in this short time and eat some breakfast in between.
We explain them how the solar panels, wind generators and everything else works on the boat and I realize how different it must be for them to see how we live.

Everyone is doing different stuff this morning. Salina and Dario are going to the local radio station to give an interview. They want to know about other villages we have been. How long we have been traveling, how it works with schooling on the boat and who are on Pachamama. Salina and Dario give a perfect interview also about their daily life.
Cornelia, Sabine and myself are storing things away we don’t need anymore. Sounds like a easy job. But every little space is used on the boat. Even in our sink lives a basilikum plant. So we have to circle, squeeze, crawl on our knees and push till everything has found a place.
After lunch the family and our friends Linda&Bill are sailing to Kauk Harbour which is a bay just over the mountain. Cornelia and myself stay in town and take the opportunity to use the internet for a while. We weren’t able to connect for 3 weeks. I am so happy to finally share my experiences with my family and friends. We enjoy the peace and space for ourselves. It was a tough and intense time for all of us up in the Arctic.
We finally walk to Kauk Harbour Bay to join the others again. What a beautiful walk over the mountain. First we meet three guys plucking feathers of four Canada geese, they just shot in the wilderness. As we walk on through pine trees we spy two huskies stroll about, stunning colors and a lot of berries everywhere. To make the picture perfect, a men crosses our path with a huge log on his back. He cut it for firewood he explains us. As we walk down on the other side of the mountain we spot Pachamama just in the middle of that beauty. We get welcomed with a nice dinner and sleep perfectly that night.

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