29th September, by Dario:

This morning we spotted the Northern shores of Newfoundland. Escorted by dolphins we sailed along the Northeast coast. We recognized that the small fishing boats got lots of fish. Soon after we entered Sant Anthony harbor, were the Canadian Coastguard welcomed us on the radio.
Our kids were excited to see deciduous trees. Temperatures feels very warm to us, even all is in autumn colors.
We anchored in the middle of the bay and paddled on shore, where Melcom gave me a lift to the school. There I organized our tomorrow’s events with the principal. Thanks to Jodie in Makkovik, he knew all about TOPtoTOP.

At the post office the postmaster Stephen gave us the box with the refurbished Raymarine autopilot. We were all very happy to finally get it. Helming the Northwest Passage exposed to the weather and cold is not fun.
It was shipped mid August to Pont Inlet in the Arctic, where we finally did not pass. While we were in Fort Ross, there were gales in the area of Pont and for us another reason to go through Fury&Hecla Strait.

Thanks to Rob Pratt’s efforts it made it finally to Sant Anthony. Many many thanks to Rob and Raymarine. It took a while. Sience end of July in Nome Alaska we were looking for a solution. Now all is good. We celebrated this special moment climbing the hill above town and Sabine just started to cook another delicious dish.
On the hike we learned that a tree on the hill needs a 100 years to grow 1 meter (3.5 feet). That is a little less than Alegra. They will grow faster in the future, when the climate gets warmer.

After the last night watches looking for icebergs and the autopilot now installed on board, we will sleep very good.

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