4th October by Dario at N50.46024W059.01803

We had a lot of sail changes last night and in my watch one wave passed all over the boat. It was fast, but hard sailing. I listened to the weather forecast at the radio and decided to stay on the western side of the Strait where we found less swell and to get shelter as soon as the strong Southwest wind kicks in. We found the perfect anchorage in the small fishing town of Baie de Mouton, where we were welcomed by dolphins and whales. – See picture of the excitement. – At the granite beach somebody signaled where best to anchor. But unfortunately the bottom was granite smoothed by the glacier who carved this beautiful harbor a long time ago. We tried it on a different spot and there we found mud and good holding.
The man at the the shore was Bill. He escorted us to see the principal for our school event tomorrow. I asked Bill: ” What happened with this house at the shore?” He answered: “Easterly and Northeasterly wind can blow quite strong here.” – See picture.
After the hard sailing we enjoy now Lenord’s cod fish deliciously cooked by Sabine and go to bed early.

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