2nd October by Dario:

We left Sant Anthony first light. The sail cover was covered with a thin layer of ice. Out of the bay we got favorable winds to sail North. The decision was made to sail around Cape Bauld, the most northern cape of Newfoundland towards the Belle Isle Strait between Newfoundland and the mainland. We passed L’Anse aux Meadows, where the Vikings first landed, but never settled because of the harsh climate.
We had a good sail in the sun. At lunch time we saw the signs of a cold front approaching. We found very good shelter in Cook Harbor, even though our electronic chart was not very accurate. Soon after lunch it started to blow with some snow flurries. Our kids didn’t care the cold, instead enjoying the playground while I was busy with principal Ruth to plan our school event for the next day.

Cook’s Harbor is a fishing community located just east of Cape Norman, the most Northwestern Cape of Newfoundland. The harbor was recorded by Captain James Cook. He used the anchorage while surveying and charting the coastline in and around Newfoundland. In 1951 the population had reached nearly 300. Today there are 76 people left. The first settlers cut all trees. There is no forestry or agriculture possible ce. due to poor soil conditions and barren land. The fishery, principally herring and cod was the most important industry. Overfishing caused the industry to collapse and many families left,because there are hardly any jobs.

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