7th October by Dario:

Early afternoon we sailed into Baddeck Harbor, where we anchored in front of the Baddeck Yachtclub: N46.06.00W060.44.777. We arrived just at the start of the Celtic music festival in the town of Alexander Bell, the inventor of the phone.

At the bar we were welcomed by Clark&Barbara and Jim&Lea. Jim is the grand grandson of Alexander Bell. They invited us to climb their mountain the next day.

Later we met David, the commodore of the Yachtclub, who organizes a TOPtoTOP presentation next Monday, Canadian Thanksgiving at 18 hours at the Yachtclub.
We also try to get hold of Ms. MacDonald, the principal of the Baddeck Academy for a school presentation next Tuesday.

We like to apologize that our gofoundme is not working. We hope to get hold of Jeff that it get fixed and people are able to donate again.

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