Expedition Report: Climbing the mast and a mountain

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8th October by Dario:

This morning the hole crew was busy cleaning, maintaining and fixing the boat. Andri repaired the running backstay and Noe controlled lights, wind meter, lines and cables on top of the 20m high mast (see picture).

Before noon Jim and Clark showed up and we went to their place to hike up the mountain. On top was Alexander&Mabel Bell’s grave. A little bit further down we had a picnic in the sun. It was so warm and it felt like summer. – See picture on top with our new friends. – Jim, Bell’s grand grandson, is a skilled sailor who did a lot of regattas. He met his wife Lea, while both were working as sailing instructors. Both dedicated their life’s to help children with hearing problems.

On the way down we saw Jim’s grand grandfather, Alexander Bell’s house and the buildings where he did all his experiments. He was a genius inventor. He was not only inventing the phone. His interests went from improving planes, to hearing devices and sheep breeding.
He was the first using the term “green house” and predicted more than 100 years ago that we will have a shortage of clean water in the future.

Back on the boat we continued fixing and cleaning.

Noe just got a fish for dinner, see picture.

Note: Coming soon is a summary by Victor about our passage in the Arctic. He was following us since Mexico and gave us so many good advices and encouragement.

Our cell phone is working again: +1 415 516 36 79. You can call, text, what’s up or use FaceTime.

At the moment we have events in Baddeck Harbor, where we anchored in front of the Baddeck Yachtclub at N46.06.00W060.44.777 till Wednesday the 12th of October.

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