Sunday morning started with a clean up. Together with COA’s discarded resources expert Lisa Bjerke we organized a clean up around the COA campus. Even though the campus looks clean the whole team of COA students, staff and friends managed to find more than a vermont cart full of plastic.

We also gave our water samples from the NW Passage to Chris Petersen, who will give them to Abby Barrows from ASC to analyse the samples. We are all very curious to hear the results! Some of these samples had travelled with us all the way from Barrow to Maine with us.


Richard Parker kindly took us all climbing on the beautiful South Wall overlooking all of Frenchman Bay. We hadn’t climbed in a long time, so this was the perfect place to get the hang of it all again and let the kids try to lead. For Dario as a guide, it was like a new life to be back in his element, even he still suffers and has only 30% strength left in his leg.img_5125

Noe had a lot of fun skateboarding on campus late this afternoon. Unfortunately, he tripped and fell and came running to us with blood streaming out of his chin. He ended up having to get 5 stitches and a scan of his head. He was so upset that he had ruined Andri’s Birthday but Andri was just glad Noe wasn’t badly hurt. Noe can only foods that don’t require a lot of chewing, cake later seemed perfect.img_5132

In the evening we celebrated Andri’s 10th Birthday with the usual treasure hunt. Salina organized it and had him running all over campus doing various tasks to get the next clue. Then we all shared the cakes. We wish Andri all the very best for the next year of his life and feel so lucky to have spent the last decade with him!img_5138

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