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Mead Treadwell and Victoria & Joshua Becwar-Lewis from the Explorers Club of Alaska invited Dario to Anchorage to give a talk to their members. Katrina Hoffmann from the Prince Williams Sound Science Center organized a talk for Dario at the Cordova Center. Like this Dario had the opportunity to visit Cordova, where he overwintered with his family in 2013/14, visit his friends, climb Mount Eyak with his friend Dana Smyke and  study the impact of climate change with Dana & Anita and Ron Andersen on Sheridan Glacier.

Mt. Eyak


After Dario’s accident in June 2015, he was now able to climb Mount Eyak again with his friend Dana, who joined him on Denali 2014. He is so happy and thankful that he is able to climb again!

Sheridan Glacier

See Dario’s presentation for the Prince Williams Sound Science Center in Cordova!