Click to read  the latest publication of the TOPtoTOP Climate Expedition in “Swiss Wanderlust”.

Visiting thousands of students:

Riverside School, Greenwich was breaking the world record in the TOPtoTOP screaming contest to save our planet. They are so far the loudest, leading before Makkovik, Labrador and Parati, Brazil.


Eagle Hill School Greenwich

Country Day School, Greenwich

Greenwich High School

Corona Arts and Science Academy and Middle school in Queens, New York

Eastern Middle School Riverside, Greenwich

Some public presentations:

Pequot Yacht Club, Southport

Audubon Greenwich

Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich

Marching for our climate:

Making new friends:

Having a good time!





The most dangerous of the gang!


Last seen in a Swiss bar.

Don’t worry! – Police man “Andri” is watching for them all over the place. They have nowhere to hyde!