We just sail North. Track us!

Note: More than a Million people listened again to the TOPtoTOP interview of the National Radio Station “NBR” in the USA, while Trump announced to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement!

In Flores we have been busy with schools and students like always. They are champions in recycling. You find also one of the best canyoning and hiking, but the best are the wonderful people:

Not: Dario was busy fixing the keel after we hit the grey whale on our Atlantic crossing. Now we hope all works fine so that we can set sail North soon.IMG_2680

We had also some fun. The captain of the most luxurious 5-star-Expedition-Cruising-Ship “Hanseatic” couldn’t win against Salina:


Many thanks to Helmut & Erika, Camille & Marco, Lilian & Chris, Gabriella & Mario, Phillip & Anna, Birou and Marco Melo.

Special thanks to the most friendly harbormasters Carlos and Tino in Porto Lajes.

See more pictures here from the Atlantic crossing and the Azores.