We arrived in Iceland. We needed 9 days from the Azores and did once 200 nautical miles in 24 hours.

We arrived on the 22nd of June at 4 a.m. and had a nice welcome from the Icelandic police officer, who gave us a tour over the island in his police car.

Here on Heimaey Island we found the best museum on our 17 year long journey. The director Kristin invited us to do laundry at her place. This great museum tells the many stories about the outbreak of the vulcano in 1973, where all people had to be evacuated. We highly recommand to visit the Eldheimar museum , when you decide to come to Iceland.

Another attraction was our first shower after the Azores in the hot pool of the town.

Salina got invited to sail around the island and was fortunate to see whales by Ribsafari. It was her highlight these year for sure.


We hiked a lot. On one vulcano the ground was still pretty hot. We also got involved in a community work to fight erosion. The whole family participated to carry gravel up the mountains to maintain the hiking path.


The people here in Iceland are extremely hospital. The harbormaster Kristjan did a present for the kids and the pilot Alfred and his son Hallldor, who is a fisherman, donated us a lot of cod and shrimps.


Here some pictures about our first island in Iceland. Heimaey is really a perl:

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More pics and short films, you find like always on our dropbox.

It was hard to leave Heimaey Island and its people behind. But Sabine is now in her 9th month and needs once a control. That is only possible in Reykjavik, where we dock next.


24 hours light in Iceland in summer.