Vital needs blood

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On the 12th of September, we had another control of Vital’s blood in the hospital after our return from the ICU in Reykjavik (see the last blog). His hemoglobin went down to 77, means he needs blood. We shortly went back to Pachamama to feed the kids and pack. Sabine is now with Vital in the hospital of Akureyri. Vital got some blood today and more tomorrow.

IMG_7217The doctor and nurses are great. We are in good hands and trust God that all comes well.

We just got a text from the boat. The kids are fine and cooking dinner with Mirjam, Jana, and Meret.

You can contact Sabine on “what’s up” number +1 415 516 36 79.

On Wednesday at midnight after the second blood transfusion, we had to go with Vital to the emergency unit of the hospital, because he had a hard time breathing and fever…

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