TOPtoTOP Clean-Up-the-World Day 2017

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IMG_0704On Wednesday at midnight after the second blood transfusion, we had to go with Vital to the emergency unit of the hospital, because he had a hard time breathing and fever. They did different cultures with his blood, urine and spinal liquid and treated him till today Sunday with antibiotics.

IMG_4515The next morning we joined 200 students of Brekkuskoli hiking over the mountain ridge back to Akureyri.

IMG_6795During the time Sabine spent with Vital in the hospital of Akureyri, the rest of the family was under the wings of the wonderful fishing-family Sverrir Gunnarsson & Berglyot Steingrimsdottir and daughter Regina with her children Freybör and Gyda in Olafsfjördur.

IMG_9361We were busy with sheep herding and a huge clean up at the beach to contribute to the “World Clean Up Day 2017”.

This video is about the TOPtoTOP Expedition contributing to the “Clean Up the World Day” in 2017. TOPtoTOP does clean up since the year 2000:

This video is about the TOPtoTOP Expedition in Iceland, involved in Sheep Herding in Olafsfjördur in September 2017. Please promote local food!

It is Sunday! Sabine just made it back to the boat with Vital. He is o.K. and needs another control on Thursday…


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