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Download our annual report 2017. Hanna Law in Australia is editing it every year since 2008. Thank you very much again, Hanna!IMG_2162

Since the disaster we were busy to safe all our belongings into this container. We also did a “work plan” and a listing of all the damages and the broken equipment to get some order and planning into the chaos. Next week we start to take out the timber inside the boat.


Here the house where we got temporarily shelter. Unfortunately, we could not find a place to stay for the future. Building an Igloo is no option, because of extreme temperature changes. We hope to find accommodation in Akureyri ASAP to be able to repair our boat and home.

There is so much to do; sorry not having time for not responding to the many people contacting us. But we like to send a big THANK YOU to all supporters:

The kids together with Mirjam and Sabine painted wonderful “thank-you-cards”. Unfortunately, we don’t have the address information of the donors. If you did a donation to our “donorbox in Geman” or our “donorbox in English“, please send us your address so that we can send the art to you.IMG_2184IMG_5305

More pictures here!

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