Merry Xmas

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We wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Here a “THANK YOU” from all of us from Akureyri, the capital of Northern Lights with 3 hours of daylight left:

Download our annual report 2017.

Please support our efforts to save Pachamama and to continue to EXPLORE – INSPIRE -ACT in 2018.


We couldn’t find a place to stay in Akureyri for the next month. Our great-grandmother is very weak. Icelandair supports us to see her. That gives us the opportunity to have a meeting with the insurance and to issue a proper passport for Vital. In January we continue with the repairs, – join us! More pictures here!

We agreed to partner with a climate research program next summer in East Greenland:

The TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition and Northeast Greenland Caves Project have teamed up for an adventure-based climate research expedition to EAst GREenland.

In the summer of 2018, four scientists and explorers will sail to the Wegener Halvø peninsula of EAst GREenland. Their aim is to explore the region for its caves, map and document their findings, and collect geological samples for climate-change research. By sailing, EAGRE 18 is able to reduce its carbon footprint and undertake an old-style exploratory adventure.

Why is this important?

The Arctic region is changing rapidly, the consequences of which will be felt worldwide. Importantly, we need to know how it will continue to change in the future and one way to achieve this is to learn from periods of past climate change. Greenland has many excellent climate records that have been drilled from the ice sheet, but unfortunately, records from the coast are extremely sparse.

Our mission and goals

Our mission is to address this knowledge gap by constructing records of climate and environmental change from sediments in caves on the Wegener Halvø peninsula, 71.65156, -22.73001.

Our goals are ambitious: (1) Search the peninsula for caves, and explore, map, document and photograph them where they are found. (2) Collect sediment samples from the caves. (3) Construct records of climate and environmental change. (4) Interpret the records for climate information. (5) Engage the public throughout the project on issues of climate change, science, exploration, and adventure. (6) Engage Inuit communities in outdoor activities.

How will we achieve this?

In the summer of 2018, we will sail from Iceland to Greenland in Pachamama, a journey that will take up to one week, dependent on weather and sea ice conditions. Two weeks will be spent searching the peninsula for caves. We already know where some may exist, but others are yet to be discovered. The caves, which have never been documented as being entered before, will be explored for the first time, mapped, photographed, and sampled for climate research. Following the research-based part of the expedition, we will engage with Inuit communities along the east coast to bring them valuable outdoor skills such as rock climbing. The samples will be analyzed at the University of Innsbruck by bachelor and master students over the following year. Download the Scientific Abstract EAGRE 18.

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