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Sorry that there was some silence, but we had quite some challenges (see below). Now it can only become better. We are happy that there is progress in the repairs of Pachamama at the Boat Yard of “Slipperinn”, Akureyri, Northern Iceland.

Didrik Godacker, a Rigger from Osla helped us to get the mast off the boat and even Garlef Baum from the insurance showed up to get the major repairs organized.

What happened in February?

On the 2nd of February, we said goodbye to Nani to travel back to Akureyri to continue the repairs on Pachamama.

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We needed to have the timber construction out of the boat until the 10th of February. On the 6th of February, the day Nani died, we had no place to stay because of changing ownership in the house where we stayed before. Living on our boat was not an option and for a tent, it is too windy. – Akureyri is known as the 3rd-windiest town on the planet.

IMG_4387It was very stressful not knowing in the morning where you end up in the evening and working long hours on the boat. Thanks to friends we managed always somehow to get a warm room but we moved 5 times in less than two weeks. Once we were 6 of us in one room.

We were very sad not to be able to make it back to Nani’s funeral on the 15th. Finally, the funeral was set up just two hours too early to allow Dario to make it back. On the 9th we got a high fever and are more or less sick since. Dario worked with fever and ended up yesterday at the hospital after a terrible night with a lot of pain in his right lung. He has medication now and feels better. For now, it looks like that we all overcome this very persistence sickness. It can only become better!

A big compliment and thank you to Mirjam (together with Noe not being sick): – thanks to her help we are able to overcome this difficult time.


Please donate here that we have enough for accommodation, repairs and get our next project in Greenland going.


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