Ski mountaineering is the best medicine for the kids to overcome the feeling of being shipwrecked and homeless. It is great to ski down from the TOP all the way to the Ocean. There is already over 14 hours of daylight. After the Easter holidays, we will ski from school to the next school to inspire students to act for our climate.




Thanks again to our sponsors Stöckli SkisFritschi BindingsColltex Skins to support us with their great products.


Many thanks also to the support of the ski hill “Hlidiarfall” and the local Ski Club “Skidafelag Akureyri” our kids get into ski racing. Alegra and Andri became ski champions of Akureyri and Mia (2) joined the first race today. Noe became 2nd and Salina 3rd.

But most of the time we are at the boat and everybody helps to fix. The progress is slow, but we hope to move back to our home and boat end of April. Please help too.


To get some money, Dario is working from time to time as a mountain guide (pic shows survival training) and offered to volunteer as a ski patrol on the ski hill “Hlidiarfall“.


Accommodation is very difficult in Akureyri with a family of 9. We probably did a new record in moving into houses and apartments 6 times in one month!

IMG_6321 2

Thanks to friends and the Scouts of Akureyri we could move to this empty old house. Somebody just showed up with a big van to move our staff and in the evening 3 families just showed up with some furniture for us. This is just one of many examples how helpful and generous people are in Island and especially in Akureyri!

Another example: Lunch offered by Arngrimur Johannsson and his staff from the Arctic Museum Akureyri, where we go to exhibit the highlights of our TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition.


More pictures here!