We have been in Greenland assisting the EAGRE expedition and to continue our project with Inuit kids.  Here some pics.


The team leaving Olafsfjördur where we were invited by fisherman Sverrir.

To much ice! So we could not sail to Wagner Peninsula and had to drop our friends and researchers at Constable Point.

Inuit know a lot about their environment!


1st step of Vital on Pachamama anchored in Ittoqqortoormiit.


Retreating glaciers we document… and the signs of climate change. Where glaciers disappear, there are beaches and flores:

This football field where we did a clean-up together with some Inuit friends is with artificial grass, – but Greenland becomes for shure greener!


New friends and sailing in the wonderland:

Back to Olafsfjördur in Iceland where more than 60 friends came to our “thank you and farewell” (here only a part of them):IMG_6364 Now we are waiting for a weather window to sail South, where we hope to do the last repairs and like to visit schools cycling in Holland, Germany, France and in Switzerland.