Cycling and climbing to the source

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From the start of the Rhein in Holland (below) to the source in the Swiss Alps (above). Thanks to Peter Storm and Tombsbike Noe (in the middle) got a bike.


Along the Rhein from Holland to the source, we cycled through 6 countries visiting schools and had the pleasure of people joining us. Here some impressions from the last leg through Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany and Austria:





Thank you to all our friends inviting us to stay overnight. Special thanks to Bruder Martin and the monastery of Disentis for giving us shelter.


At the end of the road on the Oberalppass, there was a lighthouse from Holland. From there we climbed to the Toma Lake, the official source, where we went swimming in the freezing cold water.






(Alegra is holding the remains of our Swiss flag that traveled with us through the Northwest Passage and the Arctic all the way up here.)

The kids were building a dam at the creek feeding the lake. There we recognized that the water starts at the mountain tops surrounding the lake. So we climbed over the ridge of the watershed.





We were just in the Badus hut, close to the source, to celebrate Dario’s 50th birthday. Salina invited Dario to climb to the highest peak in the area as a birthday present.






After cycling downhill to our family in Vilters, friends and family joined in the Prokopf Hut for the main celebration organized by Sabine. The day after, Dario got a special present from friend Dominik to paraglide down to the Valley. Soon after we celebrated Andri’s birthday.




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